Martin Juncher

Founder/CEO, Cand. Scient. Pol. Aarhus University, Denmark

Martin Juncher was born in Denmark, September 20th, 1974, and is a Danish citizen currently living in Spain. He is the father of 3 children. Martin Juncher is a professional who has a lot of experience in different industries. Below is an overview of his resume.

Martin Juncher is a skilled, reliable, academically strong businessman with drive, determination and a special ability to foresee business opportunities and act upon them. He is excellent at networking and develops strong relationships in business and social contexts.

His background is a master degree in Political Science and Management from Aarhus University in Denmark and over 10 years of international business experience as CEO and Partner.

He studied an extensive range of scientific methods, political theories, discourses and how they affect perspective and dialogue. By breaking down cause and effect he understands the implications of both financial and ethical aspects and how things could be different. The use of theories, methods, hypothesis and action practically, personally and as group makes learning enriching and puts previous learning into various new settings.

Most importantly he is sensible, well-balanced and has established a very nice family life based on sound values.

Key skills
• 10 years of international management and entrepreneurship
• Experienced in delivering business growth and motivational management (certified coach)
• Excellent relationship building skills – strong leader and team player
• Extensive experience in innovative business solutions
• Able to effectively communicate strategies and targets
• Fluent in the Scandinavian languages, English, working German, basic French and Spanish

• Organisational development
• People management and team building
• Managing relations with key business partners
• Strategic planning and implementation
• Contract and change management
• P&L responsibility and reporting to board and stakeholders