Love and Wealth

Thinking about life, honest life and the experiences I have had in the international environment where I spent the last 10 years, I have met greed (more than expected) and jealousy (more than expected), which equals stupidity as those negative emotions are separating instead of uniting people. Not only that. At the end of our lives we will remember stories of love and connectedness and not sensations of greed and jealousy. Love is the only way to dissolve these obsessions. See through the veils, look for genuine substance and you create memories worth bringing with you, not related to blind accumulation of wealth but to love, integrity and honesty.

Some places attract people who think that wealth, success and happiness are related to accumulation of material riches. Stay away from those places. Stay close to nature, it keeps you sane.

For what is true wealth? Is it not obvious that true richness of life on this short journey – before the last breath – lies in stories of love, in development of real friendships, sensations of being connected and being part of something bigger, such as the universe.. such as your dreams..?

People who do not or cannot stop pursuing wealth although they already accumulated more than enough for the rest of their lives become twisted and they will tell you themselves.

God or nature made us feel the love in the heart of each of us, and not illusions built by fame or money that you cannot bring with you. Love can travel thousands of miles and life has no limits. Strive to reach the goals you want to achieve. Everything is in your heart and in your hands.

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