Worldwide Opportunity and Competition

Learn to deal with worldwide opportunity and competition

We live in a revolutionising time of both unprecedented opportunity and global competition. Technology, transportation and communication have changed the world completely, made it smaller, more open, faster, more intense and more competitive but with vast opportunity to expand your career and your business.

It is the greatest period of human opportunity and you should both find joy and learn to cash in on that. There is worldwide opportunity but be ready for the worldwide competition.

Specific things to do to progress and win

– Learn more than one skill.
– Learn to sell. Find customers. Find good people for your enterprise.
– Have a part time job to multiply your income.
– Get people to work together.
– Make promotions.
– Give other people recognition.
– Affect other people with your language (words work miracles).
– Train people and show them how it works.
– Teach people how life works. How to set goals, how to step up, how to become an entrepreneur.
– Learn to inspire. Help people to see themselves in a higher perspective.
– Speak more than one language.
– Learn the simple economical formula that we get paid for bringing value to the market place. Anyone who wants to get paid needs to understand this.
– Bring value (1) and become value (2) like a teacher, a supervisor, a manager, a leader and inspirator.
– Work harder on yourself than on your job. Working hard on your job you will make a living but working harder on yourself will give you a fortune.
– Attract success by becoming an attractive person to the market place. Multiple skills, languages.
– Know that income is determined by philosophy not by economy. Work on your personal philosophy – it is a guiding system. Change your mindset.
– Continually adjust your guidance system. We are affected by what we know. How do we learn? Personal experience. Try. Do it wrong. Negative experience can be positive. If you survive your first heart attack it will be a wake up call. Learn from the negative side.
– Take risk. If you succeed you win. If you don´t you become wise.
– Change yourself because then everything will change for you.
– Keep a journal, don’t trust your memory.
– Pay attention, be a better observer of the winners and losers. Adjust to what you see.
– Read all the books you need to read to make you as wealth and healthy and unique as you want to be.
– Remember that being broke is bad but being stupid is even worse. To be both is worse but to be sick is even worse. To be all is terrible and if you also ugly that would be the ultimate bad in life.
– Get the information. Build your library. It is your intellectual sail.
– Change your attitude (to a positive attitude). Emotions affect us.
Attitude: Self confidence comes from self esteem. You met the people you said you would meet, you did the things you required of yourself to do, you do the things you know you should do.
– Make the calls you said you would make. At the end of your day you feel good about yourself
– Be active. We are affected by what we do. Activity is work and labor. Labor pains. It produces new life. 6 days of labor and one day of rest. Not the other way around. If you rest too long the weeds take the garden. You cannot linger too long in rest mode. Activity finishes the miracle.
– Imagine the possibilities.
– Have faith to believe that some possibilities are possible to you.
– Imagination and faith must be deposited in activity.
– No pain no gain. You have to do the work.
– Learn to appreciate the work.
– Measure progress. Measurable progress in reasonable time. At the end of the day. Next is a week. What value did you add to the market place? Measure you own progress. Success is a numbers game.
– It is as it is. What can I do to increase my value? The greatest motivator is progress and if you measure it you will get excited.
– Learn to live well. The ultimate essence of life is learning to live a good life with modest resources or millions. The real key.
– Produce to the max, if you possibly can. What got you turned on? What got you eager to face the day? To go the extra mile?
– Collect and nourish good friends. Priceless support.
– Your heritage. Keep it alive.
– Study, practice and teach whatever you believe.
– Take special care of the inner circle. Family and friends. Take care of details, make it special for family and friends. Special days. Make sure the mailbox is not empty.

Questions to consider

1) How you feel about the past? Make it useful by reviewing it and by investing it in the future. Use your past as a mentor to refine mistakes and make changes.
2) How you feel about the future? We look forward for inspiration. Learn to set goals. Decide what you want. What do you want to become, what do you want to experience? Building a life is more important than building a house and yet people treat it so carelessly. Plan, set goals. Design the future – don’t be casual anymore. Get excitement and inspiration by setting goal. Set goals that turn you on. Put everything on your list.
3) How do you feel about others? It is important how you feel about others. Each of us needs and all of us and all of us need each of us. Each gift is important in our community.

All my best wishes,

Martin Juncher