Open Space Conference in Marbella

Open Space to Innovate a Global Village

What is our dream?
What is our dream?
“Open Space 2 Innovate” was a Goddard wide forum where employees were encouraged to think innovatively and collaborate across boundaries to address our mission, business and technical challenges. Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 Credit: NASA/GSFC/Debbie McCallum Click Here to view NASA Goddard's Flickr page with images, visualizations and videos!
“Open Space 2 Innovate”

Open space and self-organising approaches
Don´t ever let anyone prevent you from dreaming. Imagination is one of our greatest gifts. My last subject when I did my master degree was a very remarkable seminar that I was extremely fortunate to attend at Aarhus Business School in Denmark.

Theory, method, reflexion and practice
The complimentary, especially self-organising approaches, combines 1) organizational theories 2) work methods, such as alternative meeting forms and conferences, including ‘non-conferences’, Open Space Technology, coaching tools, appreciative inquiry 3) personal reflexions and 4) practice in life-changing situations from interventions in Buddhist monasteries and public administrative departments to team-building, value and target clarification in private corporations and personal development for sports professionals.

Seriously we got involved with everything with an unprecedented enthusiasm to learn and grow individually and together. The synergies between theory, method, reflexion and practice is life-changing in any situation.

From academics to integrated life-changing events
As you can imagine after 5 years of interesting but practically useless academic abstraction and endless competitive intellectual exercises (in my case studying political science, law and business management) it is liberating to touch reality and interact with real people using body, mind and speech. It was an enlightening change that will always bring inspiration to anything and I will never forget it. When worlds meet through the right methods it changes everything in the matrix from smaller to bigger understandings on the inner and outer experience of our life.

One of many different intervention methods we studied, tried, tested and reflected on was ‘Open Space Technology’ which is fascinating as it can be done in small to very large groups of people. It is self-organising which is the most interesting and beneficial part.

Radio show with Nicole King
I just now finished a radio panel discussion on how to develop a happy, sustainable, congruent, inspiring and healthy cosmopolitan, multi-cultural village to become a model for the rest of the world.

Taking advantage of Open Space Technology
We agreed that the next step will be an Open Space Conference. The purpose is to help this beautiful global village called Marbella to reach the stars for the benefit of all to reach the target invite 140 different nationalities and cultures to identify game plans and strategies to take a significant leap forward and together create a difference for the future of our children.

The exciting thing about it is that there is no particular formal agenda, just a purpose to help Marbella to stardom, positive balance and prosperity on all levels to establish a reference for other cosmopolitan villages around the world. The people who arrives will be the right people and openness to possibilities will allow potential and opportuntity free play and something new can happen.

Open Space Technology is a method not owned or governed by anyone, it’s as open as the way it deals with conferences sometimes referred to as ‘unconferences’. It’s purpose-driven leadership. See the links below to learn more about Open Space Technology.

Aarhus School of Business, Denmark
I have to mention that the way this particular semester I referred to at Aarhus School of Business in Denmark started was with 40 people I never met before. We sat in a circle the first day, first hour, first moment. We had 30 seconds to introduce ourselves and why we would be interesting to coorperate with for the others. After that exactly four min to team up in groups of four. Each group had to work together closely for the whole semester and finish an oral and a written exam collectively.

Just do it
The point is just to do it and learn on the way. Boldness has power and we learn from doing and from ‘mistakes’, not from talking academics og writing intellectual explanations. This way you find the balance between mind, body and speech as you become aware of your own strengths and where other people play an important role in making things happen. In most jobs you don’t get to choose your colleagues so this is a great way to learn how to work with anyone, do your best and to benefit from complimentary differences instead of making different mental models into obstacles they become a ressource when mistakes and experimentation is not only allowed but necessary due to the principle of self-organisation.

/Martin Juncher Jensen

What is an Open Space Conference?

Provide time and space

Open Space Technology