People go for the lifestyle

Costa del Sol has many advantages that differentiates the place and makes it attractive, affordable and achievable for people from all over Europe.

The keyword here is cosmopolitan lifestyle

With the current opportunity to run a business from any location people and families (with small children in particular) prefer to settle on Costa del Sol in the cosmopolitan and largely English speaking area around here. You get to meet people from all walks of life.

Best climate in Europe

Having the best climate in Europe and 300 days of sun is the main factor that motivates people to move here. The international community, private schools and cross cultural environment excites many and combines well with the spectacular nature, the sea, mountains and small charming Andalucian villages. The area offers fantastic opportunities for an outdoor lifestyle and there are many sporting activities to enjoy, golf being one of the major ones.

Living opportunities

In terms of housing there are many choices of apartments and villas to suit every taste and level of investment (from 60.000 eur for an apartment to luxury villas at 10 meur). You can choose from living on the coast, in the mountains or on the golf course. All of these options can be financed.

Another very positive thing is that the Spanish economy is now recovering. The country has one of the highest growth rates in Europe.

Excellent infrastructure

You are on the Southern tip of Europe but with the excellent infrastructure in airports, roads and technology you can efficiently move around and stay connected. Should you miss the kick and opportunity of being in a big city Madrid is just 2 hours away by high speed train and Barcelona is a one hour flight.

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