The Pacific


It rises by clear moon and bright sunshine.
It touches realms of endless depths.
It´s as real as crystals of snow.
As powerful blue waves.
As the scent of rain.
As the glowing eye inside.

This is when truth stares at you and there´s no escape.
This is at the hour where your sleep ends and there´s no turning back.
This is when boundaries disappear and colours of the rainbow appear in everything.
This is when nature wakes you up from a sleep incapsulated in cultural understanding, religious paradigm.
In boxes full of easy interpretations of change that don´t claim your every second responsibility and awareness.
In shelters preventing you from burning your fingers and from living like a child in a world that´s born every moment.

Past claimed its constant right to interfere with the light in your eyes and the purity of mind because of misleading ideas of psychoanalysis and other thoughts that you believed to be right.

“When the doors of perception are cleansed, everything appears as it truly is, infinite” (Blake).

This is when people speak to you in a language that you always understood but never quite could grasp because of the fighting of stories in your world and because of the constant conditioning that you invited into it.

All because of your mission impossible search for answers isolated from yourself.

That´s when the real you appears and enters the stage of history.
That´s when the fairy tales and adventures of higher life forms carries you into moments that always existed because they´re endless.
That´s when you solve issues in a split second because they evolve into water in movement.
That´s when you become one with the universal energy that used to only slide through in short dreams on a summer day on the ocean or whilst day dreaming a funny day amongst trees on the odd day in the forest.
That´s when you can´t hide your soul because it´s no longer invisible and therefore for everyone to see.
That´s when what use to be hidden in the depth of your flower eyes is everywhere.
That´s when every single person you meet on your way is provoked by your existence.
That´s when you´re truly there for them.

(written 10 years ago on the coast of Australia, used as observational perspective at my exams at Aarhus University and in the pop hit Highest Heels performed by Liv Frifeldt)

/Martin Juncher Jensen