Set a motivating 12 week goal now!

I always found it easy to be motivated by short term goals and I think most people can commit and take action on a new 12 week goal. It is absolutely enjoyable and it is a great learning process. 12 week goals are explosive as dynamite and can generate huge, immediate results and what is more fulfilling than to improve by the day and still clearly see the finishing line in front of your nose? If you agree just go ahead and do it.

In 12 weeks you can add a new direction to your life.

You can lay the foundation for a change that will last for the rest of your life. In three weeks you break the bad habits that you got yourself stuck in. In 3 months you have created a fresh start to your life. Is that not totally motivating?

In April 2016 I started a new personal 12 week challenge – I do 1 or 2 per year – which includes a special diet, low on carbs, rich on vegetables, fruits, essential oils and vitamins, no alcohol, 4 times training per week and of course a positive attitude. I want to see what results it is possible to achieve in such a short but significant period with a clear goal and consistent action. Another great thing about your short term goal is that it will affect any area of your life in a positive way from day one.

I will post brief reports, pass the first 21 days to break difficult habits and fly to the finishing line in 12 weeks on a Summer day in July.

If you are interested in setting a goal for your 12 week challenge, do it now and let me know how it goes.

Better and better 🙂

Martin Juncher