Seven Point Mind Training (Geshe Chekhawa)

The reason for posting this methodology is to have an efficient and honest life. There are certain passages which are specifically orientated towards Buddhist practice and terminology but the substance is relevant for anyone who wants to be more aware in business and in life.

Seven Point Mind Training (by Geshe Chekhawa).

1. Explaining the preliminaries is the basis for this practice.

• First train in the preliminaries.

2A. The actual practice: Training in the conventional awakening of the mind.

• Banish the one to blaim for everything.
• Meditate on the great kindness of all sentient beings.
• Practice a combination of giving and taking.
• Giving and taking should be practised alternately and you should begin by taking from yourself.
• These two should be made based on the breath.
• Concerning the three objects, three poisons, and three virtues, the instruction to be followed in brief, is to take these words to heart in all activities.

2B. How to train in secret bodhicitta.

• Pass on the secret teaching when there is stability.
• Treat all phenomena as dreams.
• Investigate the nature of the unborn consciousness.
• The mean will liberate itself.
• Base the existence of the way on the fundamental nature of all things.
• In the space or breaks between meditations be like a magician.

3. Transforming adverse circumstances into the path to enlightenment.

• When the environment and its inhabitants overflow with unwholesomeness, transform adverse circumstances into the path to enlightenment.
• Reflect immediately at every opportunity.
• The supreme method is accompanied by the four practices.

4. The integrated practice of a single lifetime.

• Train in the five powers.
• The five powers themselves are the Great Vehicle´s precept on the transference of consciousness.
• Cultivate these paths of practices.

5. The measure of having trained the mind.

• Integrate all the teachings into one thought
• Primary importance should be given to the two witnesses.
• Constantly cultivate only a joy mind.
• The measure of a trained mind is that it has turned back.
• There are five great marks of a trained mind.
• The trained mind remains control even when distracted.

6. The commitments of mind training.

• Always train in the three general points
• Engage vigorously in forceful means to cultivate qualities and abandon disturbing emotions.
• Subjugate all the reasons (for selfishness)
• Train consistently to deal with difficult situations.
• Don´t rely on other conditions.
• Transform your attitude, but maintain your natural behaviour.
• Don´t speak of other´s faults, don´t concern yourself with other´s business.
• Give up every hope of reward.
• Avoid poisonous food.
• Don´t maintain misplaced loyalty.
• Don´t make malicious banter
• Don´t lie in ambush.
• Don´t strike at the heart.
• Don´t place the load of a horse on a pony.
• Don´t sprint to win the race.
• Don´t turn gods into devils.
• Don´t seek other´s misery as a means to happiness.

7. Guidance in training the mind.

• Every yoga or exercise should be performed as one.
• There are two activities to be done at the beginning and end.
• Train first in the easier practices.
• Which ever occurs be patient with both no matter what happens.
• Train in the three difficulties.
• Transform everything into the Great Vehicle path.
• Value and encompassing and far-reaching practice.
• Seek for the three principal conditions.
• Purify the coarse ones first.
• Practice that which is more effective.
• Don´t let three factors weaken.
• Never be parted from the three possessions.
• If you relapse, meditate on it as the antidote.
• Engage in a spiritual praxis.
• From now on always carry an armor.
• Don´t use false understanding.
• Don´t be sporadic.
• Be persistent in your praxis.
• Free yourself through investigation and analysis.
• Don´t brag.
• Don´t be upset.
• Don´t do anything half.
• Don´t expect gratitude.