The 5 things I appreciate about Marbella

5 things that I appreciate about this place called Mar (“ocean”) Bella (“beautiful”) on the border between Africa and Europe.

1) It is cosmopolitan and international. Marbella is one of the most cosmopolitan villages in the world and you meet people from Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia, UK, France, Belgium, US, South America and Asia. 50% of its population is foreign and over 110 nationalities are registered at the townhall which is very rare on a global scale. It means that children grow up naturally speaking 3-4 languages.

2) It has a huge development potential due to its location and attractive climate. The development potential of this place is gigantic. I see no other place than Marbella to become the future “Miami of Europe”. It already has the international people and the place and what it is offering is bound to expand rapidly over the next 5-10 years. For this reason growth is expected – the place is growing up and property prices are expected to increase over the next years. You can buy a nice apartment with ocean views for EUR 150.000 – 200.000.

3) The distinct Spanish culture is very special. In the middle of the cosmopolitan experience in Marbella you find Spain.. A very special culture that seem to be capable of maintaining itself, not all cultures are resistent to the drastic changes these days but I think and sincerely hope this place is. Local festivals, traditional food, dresses, horse riding in the streets and experiences are cultivated as they were 100´s of years ago.

4) It has the best climate in Europe. I have to mention the most comfortable all-year sunny environment in Europe. There is a special micro-climate and protected by the mountains we have around 300 days of sun per year but a breeze from the Mediterranean called “the Sahara breeze”.

The beauty of the place itself is fantastic. I have to mention a point number 6 which is the beauty of the place, the mountains for trekking, the special experiences in nature and unique atmosphere in the small Spanish villages. The ocean for sailing and the beach for relaxing and playing.

5) It is an amazing place for children. It’s one of the best places for children to grow up. Most of the time is spent outside. There are high quality international schools, such as the British School of Marbella which we appreciate very much.


There are plenty of possibilities in local sports activities from for example sailing, golf, horse riding to tennis and ballet.

/Martin Juncher Jensen