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Global Peace Project - Martin Juncher
Global Peace Project

A simple vision for global peace, freedom and happiness.

We tend to think like sheep. Not like leaders. If no one has managed to create it then it’s accepted as very difficult or impossible. Everything appears to be difficult until it’s done so of course peace, freedom and happiness is possible. We already know from personal experience. If we can be at peace, feel free and be happy it means that it’s possible and if it’s possible for you it’s possible for everyone. It’s a matter of coordination and realisation.

We need to have knowledge about what is but even more importantly to imagine what can be.

We should now decide to step out of the past which is gone, into a brand new moment filled with opportunities and into a brand new model of the world that we start to design.

Let go of the things that we experienced not working, hostility and conflict will be dissolved back into space and as it came from nothing it will again become nothing due to the impermance of all things and all thoughts.

Imagine everything that works well, everything based on human kindness, love and respect for everything living, especially taking care of families, women and children.

Build a new global model of life and everyone is part of the project, whether you are active or not. The collective consciousness and human life includes everyone without exception.

The vast majority of the world population wishes peace, freedom and happiness for others and realise that this is the only way to achieve it themselves.

Then how can it seem so difficult to achieve and why is short-lived fear quickly spread by a few vandalists, terrorists and their manipulators when a shakal acts against humanity is made?

We have seen many of such group acts of weak individuals. There are only a few bad seeds distorting our peace, our hard-earned and still young freedom (in the scheme of history) and thereby our happiness.

It is confused men who hate themselves, who are at conflict with themselves and thus the world and who are so insecure and jalouse of others that they only experience their own ego trip. Their own deceitful lie. Such as aspiring to have 72 virgins in the after life. What is the chance of that happening? Zero. No chance. If it could happen they could never satisfy the women. They were not even able to satisfy one in life so they will not be able to satisfy 72 in the after life even of they got the chance. If an external false god invented by one human being is claimed to say otherwise it’s a manipulative lie. This an extreme example of human ignorance, anger, greed, jalousy and manipulation.

Religion has been used and is still used to manipulate the majority of normal, hard-working and peace-loving families. The set of religous methods are used by the very few “leaders” who are not leaders but manipulators and dictators on different levels (governmental, corporate and religious – more primitive and more damaging than a mafia).

Don’t listen to those lost souls who only care about themselves. Create your own happiness. They only want everything for themselves and they will never share with you, even if you die for them based on a lie. If you listen to them you have become their slave and you will have no peace, no freedom and no happiness. You will have nothing to give to others. You will be a passive sheep in their power. You will have no successful relationships. You are their simple tool to achive wealth and happiness as they have manipulated you to support them on their ignorant ego trip which is doomed to fail as they will never really be happy. Just looking for the next victim and the next quick ego fix.

As we build a new model of the world the existing reality will become obsolete and fade away. Thoughts can transform, emotions change. A body can be transformed with nutrition and training (and without – it changes all the time), a life can be transformed. Life transforms from we are nothing but a thought (not even that) to coming into a shape, a heart beat, a human life with capabilities and opportunities. Later creating lives.

The world can be transformed. Even the universe and the many universes and galaxies change constantly.

Imagine how little change we need to create in the larger perspective. Just doing something obvious that everyone wants on a very small planet in the vast ocean of stars and universes. We are talking about a small positive adjustment of our model of reality which should take no energy compared to energies exercised and consumed in the universe every second.

If you realise it now it will begin to happen because many others are realising it at the same time or already understood. Not because of religion, politics or business but because people – on our level of enlightenment – are coming to an understanding that peace, freedom and happiness for every single person on the planet is absolutely possible to choose, to create and therefore it’s the only right option to support.

It’s not necessary to meditate or study common knowledge a lot to understand something that basic.

In any life and in any situation a helicopter perspective is needed now and then. Try to see things from above and from a distance. To clearly see the beauty, the intelligence and the natural order of the wonderful and fascinating life opportunities on this planet, we need to see everything in an even bigger perspective daily. We need to see the earth from outside as if we were sitting on the moon or somewhere else observing global life from out there.

Then life becomes easier and it becomes evident that war and conflict is only meant to benefit the very few at the cost of the many.

We need to wish everyone good and to realise that we all want the same – with very few damaging exceptions. We don’t need a religion to help us with that. Only common sense and a minimum of education. Either you support the good or you support the bad and in every action there is no in between.

We don’t even have to fight the few bad seeds – call it a global cancer.

We just have to sit down or go for a walk, go sailing, flying or skydiving in the big beautiful nature to instantly realise the strength of this whole and healthy organism of which we are a unique part. It has immense powers and all we need to do is to communicate and understand the need and demand for peace, freedom and happiness and we will get it faster than we think is possible. Kindness, a constructive builder approach and openess is the only way. Everything else is short-lived and will die fast.

All peace and freedom activists – JFK, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Krisnamurti, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Jesus and many other very simple-minded people – deserve our utmost respect – we are standing on their shoulders imagining the view of a wonderful and peaceful world where everyone is free, everyone is happy and vibrating strongly with kind and loving energy.

These pioneers – and those many great ones who are unknown – has helped creating the possibility of a peaceful, free and happy life as they realised that it is just a natural state of life. Killing and damaging others is not necessary, not natural, not intelligent and of course unempathetic (the few bad seeds don’t care because they don’t have the capacity to care or sometimes they do but they still choose they own ego trip because desire and confusion can be strong).

Now we pass on that light (or that enlightened understanding) and we make it even stronger by standing closer together against anything evil, any hatred, any suppression, especially of women and children and any serious conflict, any illegal invasion and any damaging wars. By wanting each other and choosing each other. By becoming fascinated with each other.

We still need borders to separate our countries but once we realise the potential of the love and the kindness between us (and the absolute stupidity of human ego trip violations) we will not need the borders anymore. Of course that is possible to achieve. It is nothing but a vibration we can choose to share.

The few people who are taking advantage of our ignorance and our lack of coordination will fall almost along with their failed egoistic model of existing reality.

All we have to do is to imagine and build what the world could be like and by standing together behind that intention that world will be born out of our intention and become our new reality.

The wishes, aspirations and hopes of the many should decide the model of the world and not the selfish methods of exploitation used by the very few manipulators.

If we all – not only John Lennon – decide stand up and imagine peace, freedom and happiness at once – those concepts are only vague for manipulators, not for the healthy peace-loving majority because for us the concepts are more than words, they are our reality – then in any and all situations watch how the world will change in front of your eyes.

Everything unhealthy will fall and everything healthy and loving will stand. Things and relations can only be kept together by love (long-term and some say in eternity) and can only keep vibrating on that level. You should know that from personal experience which is all you can rely on (not what anyone tells you).

Everything else is short-lived and will fall as we imagine and live the model of the world we all want.

This is why this group grows fast and also grow together with other similar groups and initiatives.

This is why we must organise as many peace-loving events and as many visionary and imaginary conferences and meetings as possible. To meet and bond, to cross cultural barriers and to come together in support and fascination of the opportunities we share. Beyond religion, beyond politics and beyond business plans. And beyond any manipulation.

Watch it and watch your own thoughts passing as clouds on the sky with bright light in between. Allow space to appear between your thoughts. Then you will not only experience peace, freedom and happiness yourself. You will inspire others and project your happiness to them. This way we will all become happier as without the separation of seeing your own children happy and other children suffer (vice versa) both your happiness and their happiness is much bigger.

The reason it’s fundamental to start (verbally or non-verbally) on the highest global level when communicating anything with anyone is that the global level will spread to any local area easily thoughout systems and though individuals. In the same way that a smile is contagious, kindness and love inspire to kindness and love.

Global Peace Project - Martin Juncher
Global Peace Project – Martin Juncher

/Martin Juncher Jensen